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The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) is a go-to source for mining industry news. Check out the articles below for recent media coverage featuring MAC experts. 

Alberta’s incoming premier is already fighting pipeline law changes that are in the offing.
Few industries come to mind that have a stronger connection and reliance on infrastructure than the mining sector. Frequently situated in remote and northern regions, mines are often located in areas without any roads, telecommunications services, or easily accessible transportation, all essential to getting goods to market.
In the wake of recent tailings dam failures, the global mining industry is taking action on standards
As the Fraser Institute’s annual survey of mining company executives (2018) shows, investors think Canadian jurisdictions are attractive for mining investment. Four jurisdictions (Saskatchewan, Quebec, Yukon and the Northwest Territories) rank among the 10 most attractive in the world for mining investment according to survey respondents. But Alberta and Nova Scotia do not make the top 50.
These days "sustainable mining" may be a popular buzzword, but 15 years ago, it was unclear how the concept of sustainability would ultimately be applied in a mining context. The folks in Canada's mining industry recognized the idea-and they came together to chart a more sustainable course.