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MAC in the News

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) is a go-to source for mining industry news. Check out the articles below for recent media coverage featuring MAC experts. 

The Mining Association of Canada’s ‘Towards Sustainable Mining’ standard, which requires members to annually assess their performance in several key areas, has now been adopted in four different countries – most recently the Philippines. Heidi Vella finds out how the initiative is helping raise standards at mines both in Canada and abroad.
Brendan Marshall, vice-president of economic and northern affairs with the Mining Association of Canada, joins BNN to talk about why it doesn't make sense for Ottawa to only accommodate grain growers' demands for Bill C-49, which seeks to modernize transportation in Canada.
Canada’s competitiveness in the world was a familiar refrain coming from industry and business groups commenting on the Feb. 28 federal budget.
The federal government is designating a single agency to oversee what is expected to be a more stringent and far-reaching review process, amid concerns Canada is burdening the industry with new and untested layers of regulations.
Seafood, mining, non-dairy agriculture, forestry and manufacturing industries are set to get a boost as Canada joins 10 other countries to form the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPATPP).