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Tailings Management

Tailings impoundments are necessary components of mining activity and it is crucial that they be managed responsibly to protect human safety and the environment.  

The Tailings Management protocol goes beyond adherence to technical standards and contains five performance indicators. These indicators are designed to confirm whether a facility has implemented a system for responsible tailings management. This protocol seeks to ensure that facilities have a formal policy in place, have developed and implemented a tailings management system, have assigned accountability to the CEO or COO of the company, and have developed operation, maintenance and surveillance manuals for all tailings impoundments. Facilities must also conduct annual reviews of their management system and report the results of this evaluation to the accountable executive officer to meet the requirements of this protocol.

Together with our members, MAC has developed guides that are used around the world, outlining how mining companies can safely manage tailings facilities by adhering to best practices in tailings management.

TSM Tailings Management Protocol