Crisis Management

Advancing Sustainable Development Goals When following the Crisis Management and Communications Planning Protocol, mining companies work to advance the Sustainable Development Goals . • Mitigating the potential for human and economic losses through effective crisis preparedness planning and execution of these plans when needed • Contributing to mine site and community resiliency in the face of disaster Case Study: Preparing for a Crisis In the event of a crisis, personnel at each Hudbay site are ready to spring into action using their regularly updated crisis management and preparedness plans. These plans help sites to identify potential crises and develop responses best suited to the local circumstances. Hudbay’s corporate crisis management plan provides oversight of the business unit plans and centrally manages potential company-wide risks such as cybersecurity and global pandemics. The crisis management teams at both local and corporate levels conduct regular training and exercises to maintain a state of readiness. Case Study: Alerts Program Supports Community Safety The City of Greater Sudbury, with a population of over 161,000, has grown up around Vale’s facilities over more than 100 years of operation. Vale’s Sudbury Operations currently include five operating mines, a mill, a smelter, a nickel refinery and a large tailings facility. In early 2017, Vale funded and launched Sudbury Alerts in partnership with the City, which has greatly improved the region’s emergency preparedness. The mass public notification service, which is fully integrated into the local 911 command centre and communications network, enables the City to instantly send safety messages to the public, regardless of whether the emergency is associated with Vale’s operations.