Mining Association of Canada | 2023 Report

The Mining Association of Canada | The Canadian Mining Story: Economic Impacts and Drivers for the Global Energy Transition 2023 21 economic backbones of road, rail, power lines and communication lines will ensure that Canadians can benefit from the rich natural resources of our country. Finally, strong fiscal policy is a requirement for competitiveness in the global mineral industry. Incentives, competitive taxation levels, and efficient and reliable securities regulations are critical for positively influencing investment in Canada’s mineral sector. Mineral Processing The competitiveness of Canada’s mineral-processing industry depends on its ability to secure reliable sources of feedstock from domestic mines. Transportation costs have increased dramatically in recent years, making it expensive to import feedstock from abroad. If the processing industry is to remain competitive, enhancing domestic levels of mineral production through investment in exploration and mine development is essential. Canada’s processing facilities operate in a global market, where China and other countries are expanding their capacity with new facilities and competing fiercely for raw materials.