Prevention of Child and Forced Labour

Modern slavery is far more pervasive than Canadians think. All over the world, people can become entrapped making clothes, serving food, picking crops, working in factories, or working in homes as cooks, cleaners, or nannies. From the outside, it can look like a normal job. In reality, people are unable to escape in the face of violence, debt, loss of personal identification and threats of deportation. Worse, one in four of those in forced labour are children and three- quarters are women and girls. Did You Know? Prevention of Child and Forced Labour What is Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM)? A globally recognized sustainability program that helps mining companies manage their environmental and social responsibilities and evaluate and publicly report their performance A mandatory requirement for companies in a growing number of mining associations around the world, offering tools to drive continuous performance improvements Preventing Child and Forced Labour The TSM Prevention of Child and Forced Labour Verification Protocol differs from other TSM Protocols in that child and forced labour are issues to be avoided rather than managed for continuous improvement. The protocol therefore requires companies to ensure that: • No child under the age of 18 engages in work that could be dangerous and no child under the age of 15 is employed at the mine site • Forced Labour is not used and, where there is a high risk of forced labour, processes are in place to monitor supply chains and relationships with recruitment agencies How Can Companies Prevent Forced Labour? • Avoid placing unreasonable restrictions on employees’ freedom of movement in relation to the mine site • Avoid retaining original copies of employee personal documentation, such as identity papers • Prohibit requiring any form of deposit or recruitment fee from employees either directly or through recruitment agencies • Avoid practices that prevent employees from terminating their employment after reasonable notice or as permitted by law