Safety and Health

Canada is one of the safest mining jurisdictions in the world and mining is one of the safest industries in Canada. Safety is a direct result of the sector’s commitment to the highest health and safety standards possible, with a goal to achieve a zero-incident work environment. Mining companies actively promote an ingrained workplace safety culture by training employees, engaging in risk management, measuring performance, rewarding achievement, sharing information, and adopting best practices. Did You Know? Safety and Health What is Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM)? A globally recognized sustainability program that helps mining companies manage their environmental and social responsibilities and evaluate and publicly report their performance A mandatory requirement for companies in a growing number of mining associations around the world, offering tools to drive continuous performance improvements Safety and Health The TSM Safety and Health Protocol lays out a clear set of criteria for companies to: • Establish clear accountability for safety and health management and performance, clearly communicating safety and health commitments to employees and contractors • Prevent incidents by identifying hazards, assessing risks, and putting in place appropriate measures and controls • Train employees and contractors to identify hazards and prevent incidents, ensuring that everyone understands that safety and health are a shared responsibility • Monitor and report on safety and health performance • Set targets for continual improvement towards a goal of 'zero harm', with regular assessments of performance against those targets Raising the Bar: Leading Practice in Safety and Health What does good practice look like? • A safety and health management system that includes, among other measures, clear targets for safety and health performance, with plans to achieve these targets • A robust safety and health training program that includes an analysis of employee training needs and maintenance of training records, among other requirements • Monitoring and reporting on safety and health, including annual assessments of the effectiveness of the safety and health management system, among other measures • A review by management of safety and health targets and performance, with this information communicated to employees and contractors • No fatalities take place at the mine site