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TSM Verification

TSM includes several layers of verification to ensure that it remains a credible and rigorous program that drives performance improvement.

The following are the different layers of assurance that are embedded in TSM:

Self-Assessment: Every year, each facility conducts a detailed and thorough self-assessment against each protocol. Letter grades are assigned for each indicator to reflect the comprehensiveness of the relevant management system ranging from Level C to Level AAA.

External Verification: Every three years, a trained Verification Service Provider (VSP) critically reviews a company’s self-assessments to determine if there is adequate evidence to support the performance ratings the facility has reported. The verifiers are experienced auditors who are independent of the company being verified. The verifiers rigorously apply the protocols and, where required, can change the ratings up or down to ensure they accurately reflect the facility’s management practices and performance.

CEO Letter of Assurance: In the year of external verification, the company’s CEO or most senior executive in Canada submits a letter to MAC that confirms an external verification has been conducted in accordance with the VSP Terms of Reference. The CEO Letters of Assurance are publicly available here on the MAC website.

Post-Verification Review: Each year, MAC’s independent Community of Interest (COI) Advisory Panel selects a sample of companies to appear before the Panel to present and discuss their TSM results. Through these discussions, the Panel tests to see whether and how facility systems are leading to performance improvement.

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