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Energy and GHG Emissions Management

Improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are priorities for the Canadian mining industry as a way to limit impacts to the environment and to help reduce operational costs at the mine-site.

The Energy Use and GHG Emissions Management protocol consists of three indicators that seek to confirm whether a facility has established a comprehensive system for energy use and GHG emissions. For this protocol, a facility must show that its management system includes assigned accountability from senior management, as well as demonstrate that they have a process in place to ensure that energy data is reviewed regularly and well-integrated with operator actions.

Facilities are also expected to provide energy awareness training and have systems in place to track and report energy use and GHG emissions data for both internal and external reporting. Finally, in TSM’s spirit of continuous improvement, this protocol seeks to confirm that facilities establish and meet targets for their energy use and GHG emissions performance.

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