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Mine Closure Framework

Canadian mining companies support comprehensive engagement with communities of interest throughout the mining life cycle. Managing mine closure is an integral part of the commitments made under the TSM Guiding Principles. In Canada, mining companies are required to plan for closure before entering into production. Not only are closure plans required by law in Canada, but companies must also provide financial assurance to ensure that appropriate funding is available for effective mine closure and reclamation.

In 2008, the MAC Board of Directors adopted a TSM framework on mine closure, which articulates our members’ commitments to responsible mine closure. The framework includes eight elements, which go beyond legal compliance. Through this framework, MAC members have committed to working with communities to develop closure plans and strategies to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of mine closure. In addition, the framework also encourages companies to help communities develop plans for long-term economic development and to work with communities of interest to identify values that are important to the community and incorporate those values into reclamation objectives.

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