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COI Panel Advisory Statement on Climate Change

Rising to the Challenge: Advisory Statement on Climate Change Issued to MAC and MAC Members

The Community of Interest Panel (COI Panel), an independent, multi-interest group that advises the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), has released a statement on actions the association and its members can take to continue addressing climate change.

This Advisory Statement, Rising to the Challenge, is intended to enhance and expand on MAC and its members’ commitment to be constructive partners in the global fight against climate change as part of its recently released Principles for Climate Change Policy Design, which included support for a broad-based price on carbon.

In light of recent commitments by the Canadian federal government and the international community, including today’s entry into force of the landmark Paris Agreement, the COI Panel calls on MAC and its members to prioritize innovative policies and activities to concretely address climate change. The Advisory Statement recommends specific actions in six key areas: MAC’s Towards Sustainable Mining Program; Operations Level; Local and Indigenous Communities; Supply Chains; Public and Policy Engagement; and the Disclosure of Climate Risks and Opportunities.

“Today, all sectors of Canadian and global society are called on to play their responsible roles in responding to the most serious threat of our time. Mining has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership as it adjusts to this new era through creative and sustainable solutions for a just transition to a low-carbon future,” said Joy Kennedy, COI Panel Member, Faith and Social Justice Representative.

“Canada’s mining industry can turn the problem of climate change into an opportunity. This means not only reducing emissions and operating costs, but also strengthening relations with local communities, improving disclosure of risks to investors, and engaging Canadians on the value of a thriving mining industry in a low-carbon future,” said Nathan Lemphers, COI Panel Member, Environment Representative.

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About the COI Panel:

The Community of Interest Advisory Panel is an independent, multi-interest group comprising individuals from Indigenous groups, communities where the mining industry is active, environmental and social NGOs, and labour and financial organizations. A key role of the Panel is to provide advice on current and emerging priority issues and to encourage MAC member companies to improve social, environmental and economic performance.

For more information, please contact:

Joy Kennedy, COI Panel Member, Faith and Social Justice Representative (647) 405-3630

Nathan Lemphers, COI Panel Member, Environment Representative (416) 400-4591

Jessica Draker, Director of Communications, Mining Association of Canada or (613) 233-9392 ext. 225