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Components of TSM

Commitments:  When adopting TSM, the first step is to commit to the TSM Guiding Principles.  In doing so, mining companies commit to acting responsibly by adopting social, economic and environmental practices that align with the priorities and values of their communities of interest.

Implementation: The TSM Guiding Principles are backed by a suite of eight performance protocols that mining companies measure and publicly report their performance against. Companies embed TSM protocol and framework requirements into each facility’s operations and management systems.

Annual Reporting: Facilities self-assess their performance annually against each of the program’s indicators across the eight protocols. They assign a letter grade to each indicator that reflects their performance, ranging from Level C to Level AAA. These grades are made public in MAC’s annual TSM Progress Reports. New members have three years to start publicly reporting to provide an opportunity to train staff and fully integrate TSM into their operations.

External Verification: Every three years, a company undergoes third-party verification from a Verification Service Provider (VSP). In the year of external verification, mining companies must submit a Letter of Assurance from their CEO stating that the verification was conducted in accordance with the VSP Terms of Reference. Annually, the Community of Interest (COI) Advisory Panel selects a sample of mining companies to appear before the Panel and participate in a Post-Verification Review. In this review, the verified results are discussed and the Panel asks questions about the company’s operations.

Training: MAC provides training on the TSM protocols, frameworks and guides, and ensures that the program is consistently applied across the membership – onsite at mining operations and through online training.

The overarching goal of TSM is for all mining companies to achieve a Level A or higher, which means they are effectively managing their key social and environmental risks, and are adhering to best practices in environmental management, safety and community engagement.

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