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Along with the environment, the health and safety of our people and surrounding communities is paramount. Through decades of effort in close collaboration with governments and organized labour, mining is now one of the safest industrial sectors in the country today.

For mining companies, maintaining their privilege to operate also means working in partnership with community and civil society groups. Engaging with communities and stakeholders helps to ensure companies are operating in a way they have confidence in.

In addition to their own company actions, MAC members follow best practices in community engagement through their involvement in the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program. Companies are measured and publicly report their performance for several community-focused TSM protocols, including Aboriginal and community outreach, crisis management planning, and safety and health.

MAC activities and the TSM program are also guided and continually shaped by a national Community of Interest (COI) Advisory Panel which includes representatives from Aboriginal groups, civil society and labour organizations. This multi-stakeholder group helps MAC and its members to foster continuous progress so that the industry is operating in a way that Canadians have confidence in.

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