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Mitigating the impacts resource extraction has on the planet is a responsibility the mining industry takes very seriously and is a key component of maintaining our privilege to operate. The Canadian mining industry practices the highest environmental standards with a deep commitment to sustainable development and production. It is one of the reasons why mining has become one of the safest industries in Canada, and why our industry is recognized as a leader in responsible mining.

The Canadian mining industry has made great strides in recent decades to minimize the environmental footprints of their operations and improving the reclamation of land. This progress has been driven by the actions of individual companies, government regulations and industry standards like MAC’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative. One of TSM’s central goals is to minimize mining’s impact on the environment and biodiversity through all stages of the mining lifecycle, from exploration to mine closure. Companies are measured and publicly report their performance for several environmentally-focused TSM protocols, including tailings management, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions management, and biodiversity conservation management.

Beyond TSM, Canadian mining companies are involved in additional environmental initiatives. Two examples include the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage Program and the National Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Initiative.

The Canadian mining industry is recognized as a leader in tailings management. Together with our members, MAC has developed tailings guides that are used around the world, outlining how mining companies can safely manage tailings facilities by adhering to best practices in tailings management.

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