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How TSM Works

The Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative allows mining companies to turn high-level environmental and social commitments into action on the ground. At the same time, it provides communities with valuable information on how operations are faring in important areas, such as community outreach, tailings management and biodiversity. Participation in the TSM initiative is mandatory for all MAC members for their Canadian operations.

TSM 101: A Primer provides an overview of the TSM Program. For more in-depth training on TSM, please visit the TSM online training portal. Online training is free for MAC members and available at-cost to non-MAC members.

Watch the video, TSM in Action, to learn more about how the program works and its strengths as an industry standard.

Accompanying MAC’s Pierre Gratton in the video are Alan Young, former Executive Director of the Canadian Boreal Initiative and former long-term member of the TSM Community of Interest (COI) Advisory Panel, and Stephanie Meyer, Certified Environmental Auditor and President of Stratos Inc., which helps to administer the TSM program.

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