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Economic Competitiveness

A rich part of our history and a key part of our future growth, mining is one of Canada’s most important economic sectors. Mining is a major contributor to Canada’s gross domestic product, is a top employer and supports the second largest supplier sector in the world. Its economic contributions go far past the mine site and are felt in communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

At root of the mining industry’s ability to remain a key economic driver for Canada lies in its ability to be competitive on the world stage. While Canada is currently one of the top mining countries, we know that mining investment is highly-mobile and global competition for it is fierce. Being competitive means having access to key markets, an efficient regulatory system, a favourable taxation system, and a robust talent pool to address the looming skills shortage.

Ensuring the mining industry can be as competitive as possible is a central focus for MAC as we advocate for:

  • A competitive fiscal environment
  • An efficient and effective infrastructure network
  • A skilled and ample workforce
  • Open and fair international trade and investment environment
  • Innovation and R&D, including geosciences

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