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Since 1935, the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has been the national voice of the Canadian mining industry. Working alongside our members, MAC promotes the industry nationally and internationally, works with governments on policies affecting the sector and educates the public on the value mining brings to the economy and the daily life of Canadians.

Towards Sustainable Mining

The Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program is MAC’s commitment to responsible mining.

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Explore Canadian Mining – Mining is one of Canada’s oldest sectors, and has a bright future.


Access our latest research and resources on key domestic and international issues facing the Canadian mining industry.

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"🇨🇦’s highest value-added sector – by far – is natural resource production. #Mining, oil and gas production generates almost twice as much real income per unit of labour input as the next highest value-added industries" @BizCouncilBC
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BusinessCouncilBC @BizCouncilBC
Canada has historically had a high standard of living relative to many other countries. Which major industries are largely responsible for that? After #COVID-19 ends, which industries are critical to the recovery of pre-pandemic income levels? #cdnecon

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