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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC), whose members include the vast majority of Canada’s leading mining companies, has been supporting its members whose operations, like many sectors across the Canadian economy, have been heavily impacted by the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

MAC has established a COVID-19 Working Group that is in constant contact. This working group provides a forum for sharing information on best practices to protect employees and the communities, as well as challenges and successes regarding their implementation.

Read MAC’s full statement on how the association and its members are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

For an in-depth look at how MAC’s members are responding to COVID-19 read our daily update (last updated May 25, 2020) which provides detailed information on company announcements pertaining to the pandemic.

MAC has created a resource, COVID-19 Testing and Screening: Public Health Advice and Mining Association of Canada Member Practices, that consolidates the latest information on COVID-19 testing practices. This document includes comprehensive advice from public health agencies and information on current industry practices to manage the risk of COVID-19 at mine sites.

For information on how Canada’s mining industry is engaging with Indigenous and local communities, read our resource entitled Approaches to Indigenous Community Engagement and COVID-19.

Read about the importance of donating to local food banks in MAC’s press release focused on how, in an effort to bolster support for Canadian families in need, 18 national and regional industry associations and partners came together to donate a total of $36,000 to the Ottawa Food Bank, Food Banks Canada, and to food banks across the country.

Read MAC’s response to the federal government’s new wage subsidy, which will bring relief to Canada’s mining companies and their workers amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, in our press release.

Follow MAC on Twitter @theminingstory and on LinkedIn at Mining Association of Canada for as it happens updates.

Additional Resources

Many of MAC’s member have established COVID-19 specific websites to provide updates on how individual companies are responding to the pandemic, these websites can be accessed below:

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