Op-Ed: Can Canada’s mining industry deliver on growing demand?

By now it is a foregone conclusion that in order for net-zero to be achieved the increased adoption of low carbon technologies is essential, with mining propelling the current seismic energy transition. Electric cars cannot exist without lithium, nickel and cobalt, nuclear energy without uranium, wind turbines and solar panels without copper, zinc, iron and […]

MAC poll shows public support at all-time high for Canada’s miners

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) released a new national poll that for the first time finds high levels of support for Canadian mining. The shift indicated increased understanding on the role Canada’s mining industry must play in producing the green technologies essential to a low carbon future.

Miners must invest in critical minerals or risk energy transition

The world’s biggest miners need to aggressively invest in critical metals or will hold back the global energy transition away from fossil fuels, a new report shows. According to PwC’s 19th annual review of the top 40 mining companies, which examines global trends in the industry, future success will depend on whether global miners can take a […]