New Critical Minerals Strategy Positions Canada as the Leading Supplier of the Mined Materials Essential to a Lower Carbon Future

Ottawa – The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) congratulates the Government of Canada on the release of its Critical Minerals Strategy (CMS), a 21st century industrial strategy that is built on Canada’s strength as a globally-leading supplier of sustainably produced minerals and metals needed to enable the energy transition. “The Government’s CMS is clear, focused and […]

Industry groups welcome C$10 billion in Ottawa’s budget update

Canada’s major mining industry group and a green energy think tank are welcoming nearly C$10 billion spread over tax credits for clean technology, mining project approval improvements, innovation research and industry training announced in a federal budget update.

Ottawa to tax public company share buybacks

Oil and gas companies that have been reaping windfalls from high oil prices will be discouraged from returning some of those profilts to shareholders through share buybacks.

Fall Economic Statement Outlines Supports for Canada’s Mining Sector

Ottawa – The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) welcomes today’s Fall Economic Statement, which includes several commitments that will provide support for the country’s mining industry, one of the most significant contributors to the economy in the natural resources sector. The government’s announcement of a tax credit for clean technologies of up to 30% for investments […]

Canada will fast-track energy and mining projects important to allies: Freeland

Canada will have to fast-track energy and mining projects if it is to help its democratic allies and achieve its own net-zero ambitions, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a speech this week in Washington — the most tangible signal to date that the federal Liberal government is prepared to address regulatory hurdles that […]

Why Canada needs an EV battery strategy – now

For half a century, oil production has been a major economic engine for Canada.  But just as the internal combustion engine is starting to give way to the battery-powered electric vehicle (EV), so too does Canada need to develop a new industrial engine, says a new report by Clean Energy Canada and Trillum Network for […]

Canada moving at geological speed in tapping its resource riches

The 11-year CEO of the Mining Association of Canada, by any objective measure, ought to be beaming at the confluence of events making possible an historic boom in the sector he represents. For one thing, the public research clearly shows the image of the business has changed in recent years.