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Community of Interest Advisory Panel

The Community of Interest (COI) Advisory Panel is an independent, multi-stakeholder group comprised of about 12 to 15 individuals from Aboriginal groups, communities where the industry is active, environmental and social NGOs, and labour and financial organizations. Select members of the MAC Board also sit on the Panel to provide a mining industry perspective to discussions.

The COI Panel was formed in 2004, when the TSM initiative was established. The Panel played a key role in the program’s design from the very beginning, and continues to be integral to its evolution and implementation. The Panel serves as a platform for communities of interest and MAC members to discuss and collaborate on issues of mutual concern.

In 2015, the COI Panel’s Terms of Reference were renewed to ensure it remains relevant, dynamic and a place for rich dialogue between the industry and its communities of interest. This led to a renewed mandate for the Panel, expanding its role from solely overseeing TSM to now including all emerging issues or concerns of relevance to the mining sector. The renewal also introduced several new members to the Panel, adding more diversity.

COI Panel Functions

  • Meets twice a year to provide support and advice for the TSM program.
  • Conducts a yearly review of a sample of companies’ verified results to analyze company systems and practices.
  • Provides critical perspectives by raising emerging issues of concern beyond those covered under TSM.

COI Panel Meeting Reports and Post-Verification Review Reports can be accessed on the Reports page under the corresponding filters.

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